The Mortgage Industry’s Most-Trusted Solution

Rekon's flagship software solution prepares lien releases and assignments and automatically applies the unique requirements of more than 3,600 recording offices, significantly reducing recording errors and penalties.

With Rekon, you are able to:

  • Produce documents
    quickly and accurately
  • Comply with recording
  • Automatically calculate
    recording fees
  • Fully control workflow processes
  • Increase compliance rates
  • Evenly distribute signing queues
  • Electronically record documents
  • Monitor productivity and performance
  • Configure and schedule reports
You need to get it right.Rekon makes it happen.

Why Rekon is the Complete Package

Rekon automates the lien release and assignment process while providing fully integrated workflows, powerful analytics and eRecording capabilities.


Rekon stores and updates all recording requirements and stays in constant communication with local recording offices so that any changes are quickly incorporated into the software.


Rekon automates tasks, including data entry, calculating recording fees and generating checks for payment. Workflows are automatically assigned and time spent on every work queue is tracked, enabling servicers to measure and improve staff productivity.


The vast number of recording requirements makes it nearly impossible to manually record lien releases and assignments without error, which can result in costly delays. Rekon’s elegant technology solution streamlines the entire process so servicers are always in control of their documents.

The control you have over the queues and how they operate really allows you to customize the system to your needs, whether process 10,000 documents a month or 100,000 a month. I can honestly say I’m glad we made the switch to Rekon WorkFlow.

- Aaron Marcheski, AVP Bancorp Collateral Servicing Manager, Fifth Third Bank

Rekon gets it right.

There’s a reason why the majority of the top 10 mortgage servicers trust Rekon to process their lien releases and assignments with effortless precision.